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Our Rabbi


Rabbi Haim Jachter has been affiliated with the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck since 2000.  In addition to his work with our congregation, Rabbi Jachter serves as a Dayan on the Beth Din of Elizabeth, since 1993, and has acquired an international reputation of excellence in the area of Get administration.  He is also a gifted and popular teacher at Torah Academy of Bergen County since 1995 where he teaches Torah studies and Religious Zionism.

Rabbi Jachter’s Yadin Yadin ordination is from Yeshiva University where he also earned his Master’s degree in Jewish Philosophy. Rabbi Jachter’s authorization to administer Gittin is from Hacham Ovadia Yosef.  Rabbi Jachter is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America’s Halacha Committee and chairman of its Igun resolution committee. He is frequently sought out to assist communities in establishing and managing their Eruvin.  Rabbi Jachter is a popular “Scholar in Residence” throughout North America providing lectures on subjects of vital concern to the Jewish community.

At the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck, Rabbi Jachter brings a sense of warmth, friendship, and high level & enjoyable Torah study to our Kehilla.  His Shiurim focus on practical Halacha (with an emphasis, of course, on Sephardic Rabbis and customs), Tanach, and stories from the Gemara.  Among Rabbi Jachter's favorite rabbinic figures are Rav Ovadia Yosef, Rav Shalom Messas and Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik.

Rabbi Jachter has authored four volumes of Gray Matter which discuss contemporary Halachic issues of major importance.  He has also authored dozens of scholarly articles that have appeared in prestigious Torah journals both in Israel and the United States. His weekly columns on Halacha and Tanach, available at, and are read by thousands worldwide.

Rabbi Jachter can be reached by leaving a voice message with the synagogue office at 201-833-0800, via email at  or at his home study at 201-837-1929 or cell phone at 917-767-2490.












Sat, February 16 2019 11 Adar I 5779